It was a great challenge to be present as a designer at the birth of an upcoming international airport in a capital city. To develop a design that the public will experience and use over the upcoming years. In addition to defining the core brand and designing the BER logo, I had a leading role at the design agency Realgestalt in developing the overall corporate design as well as the exclusive fonts and pictograms.

Pictogram design

With over a 100 symbols developed, the airport BER has the largest pictogram family on the market. The shapes of the symbols harmonize not only in character but also in detail with the font BER Signage.

Typeface design

A font designed especially for the occasion is consistently declined and imbued with strong colors, magenta and orange-red.


Among airport brands, there is only one where IATA-Code, destination, official name, and logo are uniform: BER. The name was quickly adopted by the press and is now a common expression.