You are about to enter the website of Markus Strümpel, a Berlin-based Art Director with focus on branding and corporate design. Designpiraten is my personal network that I use for projects besides daily business.

Custom-made fonts for brand and exhibition.

Design projects for the Tibetan Community-in-Exile, brands and corporations.

Illustrations and events.

And some posts:

Typodarium 2022

{:en} I am featured with two of my fonts in the Typodarium calendar 2022, published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz. {:}{:de} Ich bin mit zwei...


{:en} New corporate design including illustrations and mural for an orthopedist in Berlin. {:}{:de} Neues Corporate Design und Illustrationen für Wandgestaltung und Website für Orthopäden...

New Tibet Museum

{:en}The new Tibet Museum is going to open early 2022. The team in Dharamsala is currently working on location setting up the permanent exhibition. {:}{:de}Das...

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