This is Markus Strümpel, a Berlin-based Art Director with focus on branding and typography. I work for international projects and corporations and for the Tibetan community.

I do custom-made fonts for branding projects and for exhibitions. And because I think it is fun.

Illustrations, scetches and graphic reproductions are very often part of my work. But they are also a reason to do small exhibitions every now and then.


{:en} This is a series of illustrations inspired by the famous “Prinzenbad”, a public swimmingpool in Berlin. {:}{:de} Eine Serie von Illustrationen und Drucken des...

Illustration on Silk

{:en} This is a selection of my illustrations on silk. {:}{:de} Auswahl meiner Illustrationen auf Seidentüchern. {:}

{:en} Bags, buttons and shirts for the museum shop. {:}{:de} Taschen, Buttons und Shirts für den Museumsshop. {:}


{:en} Yearly event in collaboration with Mic Lololand and Alexandra Grandjacques. {:}{:de} Ausstellungsreihe in Kooperation mit Mic Lololand und Alexandra Grandjacques. {:}


{:en} New corporate design including illustrations and mural for an orthopedist in Berlin. {:}{:de} Neues Corporate Design und Illustrationen für Wandgestaltung und Website für Orthopäden...

McLeod Ganj

{:en} Home of the Tibetans in India: Illustrated map of McLeod Ganj. {:}{:de} McLeod Ganj, Heimat für die Exil-Tibeter in Indien. {:}

Tibet Museum Illustrations

{:en} A series of illustrations for the Tibet Museum. They appear in postcards, shirts, posters and in new exhibitions. {:}{:de} Eine Serie von Illustrationen für...


{:en} Series of illustration in riso-print. {:}{:de} Illustrationen gedruckt in Riso-Technik. {:}

Funny Icon Paintings

{:en} Small characters created by playing on words. A series of paintings on wood and of screen printed postcards. {:}{:de} Durch Wortspiele entstand diese Figurenserie....

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