Here is a list of selected clients I have worked for over the past few years. My tasks included branding, conception, exhibition design, corporate design, illustration, web design, online shop design, advertising campaigns, social media and project management.

New corporate and communication  design.

Design and website for conferences.

Branding, signage, pictograms and editorial design.

Branding, online-styleguide and advertisement for art-sponsoring.

Redesign of the brand, communication media.

Campaign and editorial design.

Branding for a Berlin city quarter.

Editorial design and microsite.

Imagekampagne and editorial design.

show project

Branding for the luxury brand – now part of Mercedes-Benz.

Overall corporate design, editorial design, office design, campaigns.

Overall branding, type design, pictograms and editorial design.

Packaging and pictograms.

Corporate design for a division.

Branding and festival for Indian-Tibetan film directors.

show project

Cover design and stage design.

Corporate design for ALBA Group and the brands ALBA and Interseroh.

Museum and exhibition design, communications.

show project

Digital branding for search engine.

Concepts, type design, applications and web-shop.

show project

Branding and communication media.

Branding, catalogues and applications.

show project

Corporate design and illustration.

Band- and typedesign for Landessportbund Berlin.

Branding for luxury brand of the Volkswagen Group.

Redesign of the logo, editorial design, applications.

show project

Catalogue, campaigns, online-communications.

Branding and campaigns.

show project