This is a list of selected clients I worked for in the last years. My expertise includes branding, conceptual design, exhibition design, corporate design, illustration, websites, online shop-systems, brand campaigns, sales promotion concepts and project management.

New visual appearance and communication material.

Conference design and website for spine surgery.

Branding, signage, pictograms and editorial design.

Branding, online-styleguide and promotion material for art sponsorship.

Redesign of the brand, concepts for promotion material.

Advertisement campaign and editorial design.

Branding concept for an urban district in Berlin.

Editorial design and internet microsite.

Image campaign and editorial design.

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Brand design for the luxury car – meanwhile part of Mercedes-Benz.

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Overall corporate design, editorial design, office design, advertisement design.

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Overall branding, type design, pictograms and editorial design.

Packaging design and pictograms.

Corporate design for a subdivision within the Group.

Branding and festival design for Indo-Tibetan filmmakers.

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Cover artwork and stage design.

Corporate design for the ALBA Group and the company brands ALBA and Interseroh.

Exhibition design, promotion material, project management.

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Digital branding for an online search-engine.

Visual concept, typeface design, promotion material and webshop.

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Branding and promotion material.

Brand concept, catalogues and promotion material.

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Corporate design and illustration.

Brand- and typedesign for Landessportbund Berlin.

Brand design for the luxury sports car within the Volkswagen Group.

Redesign of the logo, editorial design and stationery.

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Sales catalogues, advertisement design, online sales material.

Branding and promotion material.

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